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Quilt 2019

Quilting Excitement
engaging stories
Intriguing puzzles

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New original quilt blocks

Beautiful Quilt Block Patterns that when finished make a stunning quilt.
Each Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2019 Block corresponds with a new Short Story.

  • For the 2019 year’s quilt, you’ll get 8 pieced blocks, 2 applique’ & 2 beginner level FPP and 1 template pattern.
  • Clear easy pattern instructions to follow and video’s for harder blocks
  • Perfect for the beginner and seasoned quilter
  • A Facebook Group just for members where you can share pictures, discuss the blocks, puzzles, and stories.



flash Fiction Read Stories

A new short story 

A flash fiction story is a complete story that you can read in a flash!  (about 10 min)
Each story for the 2019 Quilt is tied to the quilt block that you’ll be sewing every month.

A few of this year’s Story Themes Include:

  • Ghost Stories
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Medical Stories
  • Historical Stories
  • Romance
  • Adoption Story
  • Beloved Pets
  • Australian Opal Hunt
  • WW II Story
  • Sasquatch!


A new puzzle to solve

Crosswords/ciphers/word-search/riddles/number/trivia/anagrams, if it’s a type of puzzle we have it!

  • Each puzzle will help lead you to one answer.
  • Solve this year’s exciting puzzles.
  • Keep your mind active solving these super fun puzzles!


The Best Part Is…Our super low pricing

    • Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2019 Registration Is Open
    • Our 2019 Mystery Quilt registration is open year-round. 
    • No waiting to start our 2019 Mystery Quilt…. quilting, reading, and solving this year’s mystery.
    • You will have full access to all the block patterns, story’s and puzzles that have been released the minute you join.
    • The last block, story, and puzzle will be released on August 31, 2020, for our 2019 quilting year.

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