Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt


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Check out a few Flash Fiction Story Excerpts Below


  • Our Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt Story’sĀ are about six pages long and can be read in under 10 minutes.
  • Perfect for the busy quilter!
  • They are all entertaining and fun to read.
  • Each Story has relatable characters with different subjects.
  • The monthly quilt blocks correspond with the stories.

The Mirror

Follow Kevin and Blake as they have their very own Bigfoot hunt in the Northwest Georgia Mountains. See what they find as they search the woods for an entire week! What do you think? Will they find what they are looking for?

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There is a deadly virus raging through-out the United States. Can they find a cure in time to stop it before there is no-one left? Victoria is the only hope of finding a cure, but what can she do. She is just a reclusive homesteader from a tiny town?

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The Sand Dollar

In this romantic short story follow along with Amber as she finds love on the shores of Myrtle Beach, SC. Does the love last or will it end up in heartbreak? You’ll have to read this heartwarming story to find out.

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