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With quilt block patterns you buy, you will receive a Flash Fiction story to Read and a fun Puzzle to solve!
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Our Quilt Block Patterns

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My Kitchen Window

Perfect for the beginner quilter. A lovely quilt block that’s sure to catch your fancy. Perfect for adding applique” or embroidery to the window panes. This block only comes with the 12.5″ Block Pattern. No story or puzzle and is not in our mystery quilt.
(Quilt Block Pattern Only)

The Stone

The Stone is an eye-catching quilt block with a diamond shape at its center. This pattern will make a stunning quilt on it’s on or sew it with any of our other blocks to make your own personal quilts design. It is a 12.5″ block.
(Block, Story & Puzzle)

The Gift

The Gift is a beautiful and intricate quilt block pattern with a heart at its center. It can be made with as many or as few fabric colors as you like. It is perfect for a Valentine’s table runner as well. It is a 12.5″ block.
(Block, Story & Puzzle)


Blizzard is the perfect quilt block for everything Christmas.  Use it to make a beautiful holiday table runner or a quilt to give as a gift. Change the colors of the “snow” on the tree and they become lovely “lights” This block is super fun to sew. It is a 12.5″ block.
(Block, Story & Puzzle)

Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl quilt block is a super easy Foundation Paper Pieced block of a shooting star across the plains. If you want to learn FFP this is the perfect block to start with. Make an entire quilt of it or make it the center showpiece in your quilt. It is a 12.5″ block.
(Block, Story & Puzzle)

Into The Jungle

Into The Jungle is a quilt block pattern like you’ve never seen before. It is reminiscent of a Mayan temple, but put two blocks together base to base and you’ll have a stunning quilt design that is one of a kind. It is a 12.5″ block.
(Block, Story & Puzzle)

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